Thank you for supporting the legacy of Danny Degennaro and all musicians who have left their music for us to be inspired and live by. Everything we do is made possible because of the support of people just like you. You can support the Rockn Roll Hall of Fame, mission with financing in the following way

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The following friends of Danny Degennaro and the Rockn Roll are recognized for the kind of contribution to this nonprofit organization. This will assure that the legacy of Danny’s songs and lyrics live on forever



  • PLATINUM  –  listing donors names

    Mr. John Farmer - Dean of Law Rutgers University

    Mr. Gary DeGennaro - Keystone Plumbing

    Mr. Brian Groetsch - Cape May Resorts, NJ

    Mr. Tony Radovich - Nevada Sports Bar

    Mr. Dave Hunter (nicknamed Davey Jones by Danny,

    childhood friend of Danny)

  • GOLD –  listing donors names

    Mr. Elmer Mero - Real Estate

  • SILVER   –    listing donors names

    Cheyenne - Intuitive Life Advisor Health Heart Soul

    Nancy and D’ Freeman - Sonlight –

    Recording Studio in Perkasie, PA

    Mr. Jeff Pine Keystone Electric

    Mr. & Mrs. William Golden - Bucks County Stadium Bar & Grill

    George, Tracy, Taylor - Crouse Irish Rover

    Station House - Anonymous D

    onor Inspired Friend

  • FRIENDS OF DANNY  –  listing donors names

    Lorelee, Danielle, and Annalee Martin - Family Friends

    Deborah McMurdo - Friend

    David Haus - Friend

    Lisa Bouchelle - Musician

    Ernie White Bandmate - Musician

    Edward Armstrong Fan - Kev the Irishman Friend

    Linda DeGennaro Benedetti - Danny's Sister

    Darlene Mero - Friend / Fan

    Mr. Christopher-DeGennaro-Benedetti ( My favorite uncle I miss you)

    Mr. J. Timperio  - Internet Services

    Steve  Shive  "Long time Bandmate"

    Vincent Benedetti (Danny's nephew)

    Mr. John Fairall (Old Friend from Deadend , Thornridge PA)

    Mr. John Danaher - New Hope PA Musician

    Mr. Shawn Allen - Representing Fans of Washington State, Old Friend

    Mr. Stephen Amoroso - Band Manager

    Ms. Susan Coppens - Fan and Friend

    Mr. Andy Weaver - Tie Dye Andy   LA Promoter

    Mr. Johnny Betz - Musician

    Mr. Ernie White - Musician

    Mr. Bob Figlo - Fig tree Management Group

    Mr. Bob Settelen - On The Move Entertainment